Travelling in Laos

A beautiful riding trip (with Minsk – a Russian bike) brought us up into the remote northern region of Laos between the borders of China and Vietnam. Did not miss any moments when we got closed to Phongsali town, taste felling of riding through jungle on zigzag moutain road. Many small villages: Lyzyzo Village, Roma, Ban Nam Ly… along the way invite us for a small walk, met and said “sabaidee” to all local people.

The Ethnic Museum in Phongsali city center is a place where you can see traditional costumes and lifestyles of about 22 groups of ethnic minorities: H’mong, Iko, Arka, Yao,… The climate in Phongsali recommends you make a fire out door with somes Lao Lao at night ทัวร์ลาว.

Descending the Nam Ou river we will discover one of the most remote river areas of northern Laos. After breakfast, we took a short drive from Phongsali to Hadsa – a village of Lao Lum on river bank. From here, we offered long-tail boat (machine boat) ride on the scenic Nam Ou River to Muang Khua. To enjoy more the distance we took slow boats that drive us through amazing countryside with rugged mountains, green forest covered hills and small villages along the way. The boat arrived Muang Khua in late afternoon. We stayed overnight in a hotel in Muang Khua.

Akha village trekking. In the morning we collected all necessary staffs and drove down to the Trekking North Laos – Akha Nam Ou river about 20 km from Phongsali. From here we started to ascent into the mountain world which is inhabited from different ethnic groups. Our goal was getting to know the Akha people who live a very simple life here in the mountains. Their villages nestle in the high ridges of green mountains it seems as we are traveling in a different world. After some “good” 5-6 hrs of walking we arrive in the village that will host us for the night. Normally the private house of the Chief of the village will give us a place to sleep and some food for dinner. The local guide helped us to find out more about their unique way of life…

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